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Men's Bamboo T-Shirts

Looking for comfortable, stylish, eco-friendly bamboo clothing? Spairs has got you covered!, Knitted using our amazingly soft, midweight, bamboo and cotton blend, these men’s Spairs bamboo crew neck T-shirts are naturally sustainable, breathable, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. They’ll also keep you cool and dry throughout the day so you can stay comfortable and relaxed, and when combined with our tagless, printed care labels these men's bamboo T-shirts provide supreme all day comfort with zero irritation.

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Bamboo; The Natural, Sustainable Choice

As the worlds fastest growing plant, covering huge grassy areas and needing zero pesticides, fertilizers or additional water to grow, bamboo is the ideal choice for a more sustainable way of clothing the planet!

Kinder to the environment, bamboo plants require no pesticides, can be harvested without damaging established root systems and can absorb up to 35% more carbon dioxide than trees.

The Ideal Material For Clothing...

Bamboo viscose is the ideal material for clothing; it's great for the skin, exceptionally soft and gentle and when combined in our special bamboo, cotton and elastane blend it's incredibly stretchy and forgiving.

The gently rounded fibres derived from bamboo plants are spun to create a material with a silk like touch that is wonderfully soft and kind to your skin and it's natural, inherent antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties keep you fresher and healthier.